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Andrew Weissmann Wife: Best Life Story


Andrew Weissmann Wife, a big name in American law, has had a successful career in law enforcement. He’s managed to keep his personal life mostly private. Here, we look into his marriage to Debra Weissmann. We’ll talk about her accomplishments and how their partnership has affected Andrew Weissmann’s career.

Meeting Debra Weissmann: Andrew Weissmann’s Wife

Andrew Weissmann Wife was born on January 17, 1958, in New York. He’s happily married to Deborah M. Weissmann. Although they value their privacy, we’ll share some important details about their marriage and what they’ve achieved individually.

Deborah M. Weissmann’s Education and Legal Career:

Deborah graduated with honors from Syracuse University, where she was part of Phi Beta Kappa. She then went on to earn her law degree with honors from Syracuse University Law School. Her legal career has involved working on various types of cases including labor law, civil rights, family and education, and immigration law in places like Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Tampa, Florida. From 1994 to 1998, she held roles such as Deputy Director and Executive Director at Legal Services of North Carolina.

Since 1998, Debra has been the distinguished Reef C. Ivey II Professor of Law at the University of North Carolina. Her interests in academia include law and political economy, migration and immigration, human rights, critical legal theories, and gender violence. Her work in civil rights earned her the ACLU’s Frank Porter Graham Award for her contributions.

When and Where Did Andrew Weissmann and Debra Weissmann Get Married?

It’s not clear when or where Andrew Weissmann Wife and Debra Weissmann got married. They’ve kept their relationship private and haven’t shared much with the public. However, some sources suggest they’ve been married for more than thirty years and tied the knot in New York City, where Andrew Weissmann grew up.

How is Andrew Weissmann and Debra Weissmann’s Marriage Going?

Andrew Weissmann Wifeand Debra Weissmann seem to have a happy and strong marriage. They’ve supported each other in their careers and raised their son together. They both love to travel and have visited many countries together, like Italy, France, and Japan.

Andrew Weissmann Wife often praises his wife for being smart, kind, and beautiful. In his book, Where Law Ends, he dedicated a part to her, saying: “To Debra, my wife, who is brilliant, beautiful, and kind. You are everything to me.”

Debra Weissmann also respects and admires her husband’s work and accomplishments. She’s been by his side at various events and ceremonies, like the 2018 Time 100 Gala, where Andrew Weissmann Wife was recognized as one of the most influential people in the world.

What Does Andrew Weissmann’s Wife Do For a Living?

It hasn’t been said what Andrew Weissmann Wife does for work. While she might have a job or a business, Debra Weissmann seems to focus more on family life. She likely spends a lot of time taking care of her husband and children. However, she’s known to be very supportive of her husband’s career.

Andrew Weissmann Wife professional life is widely known and talked about in the media. He’s a well-known American lawyer who has handled many important cases, especially involving organized crime. During his time at the Eastern District of New York (EDNY), Weissmann worked on more than 25 cases, including ones involving the Colombo, Genovese, and Gambino crime families.

He also led the prosecution in the Vincent Gigante case, which resulted in Gigante’s conviction. Before his current job at the US Department of Justice, Andrew Weissmann served as George W. Bush’s deputy director from 2002 to 2005.

Andrew Weissmann Wife was born in New York City, USA, on March 17, 1958. He’s currently 65 years old. He graduated from Princeton University in 1980 with a bachelor’s degree and received a Fulbright scholarship to study at the University of Geneva. Later, he went to Columbia Law School and got his Juris Doctor degree.

About Andrew Weissmann

Andrew Weissmann was born on March 17, 1958, to Gerald and Ann Weissmann. He grew up in Woods Hole and New York, USA, and his upbringing played a big part in his success. He’s thankful to his parents for their influence on his career achievements. Andrew Weissmann turned 65 in 2023, as he was born on March 17, 1958. He has a younger sister named Lisa Weissmann, and they share a close bond.

Andrew Weissmann Wife

Andrew Weissmann’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Andrew Weissmann’s net worth is over USD 50 million. He earned this money solely from his career in the court.

Deborah M. Weissman Bio

Deborah M. Weissman has been part of the Carolina Law University faculty since 1998. From 2001 to July 2010, she served as the director for clinical programs at the university. She’s an expert in various fields of law and teaches subjects like human rights, political economy, gender violence, law, migration/immigration, and critical legal theories.

Andrew Weissmann Wife Net Worth

Deborah M. Weissman has been teaching at Carolina Law University since 1998 and is an expert in many law-related fields. She earned her B.A. from Syracuse University and her J.D. from the same place in 1975. She’s also written numerous articles and essays published in respected journals like Boston College Law Review, Columbia Human Rights Journal, and William & Mary Law Review.

Deborah Weissman’s Kids

Deborah and Andrew Weissmann have a son named Ben Weissmann. Andrew Weissmann Wifelegal career is a tale of success and honesty, along with his family life with wife Deborah and son Ben. Their combined accomplishments in law and education show a dedication to justice and family values.

Andrew Weissmann: Lawyer and Prosecutor

Andrew Weissmann Wife started his legal career after finishing college at Princeton University in 1980. He learned a lot while working as a clerk for Judge Eugene Nickerson. Then, from 1991 to 2002, he was a lawyer in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York. During this time, he worked on over 25 cases, some of which were big cases involving well-known crime families. He also played a key role in bringing Vincent Gigante to justice.

Andrew Weissmann: Lawyer and Prosecutor

In 2002, President George W. Bush chose Weissmann to be the deputy director. He led a team investigating the Enron scandal. Because of his careful work, more than 30 people, including top Enron executives, were prosecuted. After some time in private practice, he went back to working for the government in 2011. This time, he worked for the FBI as the General Counsel under Mueller.

Andrew Weissmann Wife: Respected Teacher and Writer

Andrew Weissmann Wife cares a lot about education. He became a respected visiting teacher at the New York University School of Law. In September 2020, he wrote a book called “Where Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation.” This book talks about the investigation and shares his own experiences. In the book, Weissmann talks about Rick Gates admitting to giving political polling data to someone linked with Russian intelligence. He also discusses President Trump’s alleged attempts to block the investigation.

Andrew Weissmann’s Wife’s Photo

Although there’s very little information about Andrew Weissmann’s wife, we at least know what she looks like, thanks to the very few pictures of her available on the internet.

A Successful Start as a Non-Fiction Writer

In September 2020, Andrew Weissmann released a fascinating book called “Where Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation.” In this insightful book, Weissmann not only talks about the investigation but also shares his own experiences. One big revelation in the book is about Rick Gates admitting to giving political polling data to someone connected to Russian intelligence. The book also talks about President Trump allegedly trying to stop the investigation. It gives a clear picture of the intense events during this important time. “Where Law Ends” mixes Weissmann’s story with important details from the investigation. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in this big moment in American politics.

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No, Andrew Weissmann Is Not Gay, Meet Wife Debra Weissman, Family 

Even though some people have questioned Andrew Weissmann Wife sexual orientation, it’s been confirmed that he is not gay. Andrew Weissmann Wife is a well-known American lawyer who has worked on many big cases in the criminal court system. He’s been involved in cases like the Whitey Bulger investigation and the Enron scandal as a federal prosecutor.

He’s written lots of books about criminal justice and currently teaches law at New York University. In 2015, he became the director of the Criminal Fraud Section at the US Department of Justice. Later, he left the Justice Department and joined Robert Mueller’s special counsel team. Besides his work, people have been curious about his personal life. Let’s learn more about it.

Andrew Weissmann Wife who values family, has appeared in many online photos with his loved ones. He was born on March 17, 1958, into a stable family with his parents, Ann and Gerald Weissmann. While his mother’s job isn’t known, his father worked as a writer to support the family.

He grew up with his sister Lisa Weissmann, but there’s not much information about her. However, Andrew had a great bond with her and often spent time together during holidays and other special times.


In 2019, Andrew Weissmann Wife left the Justice Department but continued to make an impact in the legal world. He became a faculty member at New York University and a legal analyst at MSNBC. Returning to Jenner & Block in 2020 as co-chair of its investigations, compliance, and defense practice further solidified his influence in law. Through exploring his personal life with Debra Weissmann, we gain insight into the man behind the legal legend.

Andrew Weissmann Wife and Debra Weissmann are a successful couple who excel in their fields and maintain a strong, loving bond. While they keep their wedding and marriage details private, they publicly show affection and appreciation for each other. They inspire many who aim to balance professional and personal lives.


What is Andrew Weissmann’s full name?

Andrew A Weissmann is Andrew Weissmann’s full name.

Who is Andrew Weissmann’s wife?

Deborah M. Weissmann is Andrew Weissmann’s wife.

How many children does Andrew Weissmann have?

Andrew Weissmann has a son named Ben.

How old is Andrew Weissmann?

Andrew Weissmann is 65 years old.

Is Andrew Weissmann married?

Yes, Andrew Weissmann is married to Debra Weissmann.

Who is Andrew Weissmann’s partner?

Andrew Weissmann’s partner/spouse is Debra Weissmann.


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