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Jennifer Hageney Net Worth: Best Actor Andrew Shue’s Ex-Wife


Meet Jennifer Hageney – not just Andrew Shue’s ex-wife, but a talented floral designer hailing from New York City. Born on December 24, 1970, Jennifer has turned her childhood love for art and design into a successful career.

Beyond her past marriage to Andrew Shue, known for his role in Melrose Place, Jennifer is recognized for her exquisite floral arrangements crafted for weddings, events, and celebrities.

In this article, we’ll delve into Jennifer’s journey, exploring her life, her divorce, and her flourishing career in floral design. Discover her ongoing projects, and what inspires her, and gain valuable advice for budding floral artists. Jennifer Hageney is a resilient woman who has faced challenges, seized opportunities, and found beauty not just in flowers but in life itself.

Who is Jennifer Hageney?

Meet Jennifer Hageney! Born on December 24, 1970, in New York City, she’s known as Andrew Shue’s ex-wife. Besides that, she’s a famous American floral designer, well-respected in her field. Jennifer’s love for art and design started early in her life and turned into a successful career.

Early Life And Background

Let’s peek into her early days. Growing up in a loving family, away from Hollywood’s glitz, Jennifer developed strong family values that shaped her life.

Jennifer Hageney’s Career

Now, about her career – while not as famous as her husband, Jennifer has her achievements and passions. She’s into philanthropy, supporting environmental causes and promoting sustainability. Alongside, she actively backs various charities, showing her caring and compassionate side. Even though she isn’t in the spotlight, Jennifer’s contributions to important causes reflect her commitment to making the world a better place.

Keeping Life Private

Jennifer Hageney stands out for her skill in keeping her life private, even though she’s married to a famous person. In a time when social media usually exposes celebrities’ every move, Hageney has opted to stay mostly away from the public view. This choice lets her concentrate on her family, interests, and charity work without dealing with the constant attention that often comes with fame.

Who is Jennifer Hageney?

Her decision to keep her personal life private is intentional. In a world where privacy is hard to come by, Hageney’s ability to shield her family from media intrusion is praiseworthy. It shows her strong values and how much she values her role as a mom and wife.

Jennifer Hageney and Andrew Shue

Jennifer Hageney and Andrew Shue were married for 13 years, from 1995 to 2008. They met in 1994 and got engaged after a year of dating. Andrew Shue, known for his role as Billy Campbell on Melrose Place, and Jennifer have three kids: Nathaniel, Aiden, and Wyatt.

Life After Marriage

Even though the specific reasons for their divorce are not public, both have moved on in their lives. Andrew Shue married Amy Robach, a journalist and TV presenter, in 2010, but they divorced in 2022. Jennifer Hageney has stayed single, focusing on her career and raising her children.

Andrew Shue: Jennifer Hageney’s Ex-Husband

Andrew Shue, an American actor and former soccer player, gained fame for playing Billy Campbell on the TV series Melrose Place. Born in 1967 in Delaware, he grew up with three siblings, including actress Elisabeth Shue. Andrew holds a history degree from Dartmouth College and played professional soccer in Zimbabwe and the US. He founded the non-profit organization Do Something and a social networking site called CafeMom.

In his personal life, Andrew has been married twice. His first marriage was to floral designer Jennifer Hageney, and later he wed journalist Amy Robach. Unfortunately, both marriages ended in divorce. From his first marriage, Andrew has three children, and he gained two stepchildren from his second marriage. He also acted in and produced the film Gracie, inspired by the soccer experiences of his late brother William and sister Elisabeth.

Jennifer Hageney: Her Kids

Jennifer Hageney, the ex-wife of American actor Andrew Shue, has three children – Nathaniel, Aiden, and Wyatt. Nathaniel, the oldest, was born on August 1st, 1996, and he’s into football, playing as a right-back for Highlanders Football Giants. He studied at Princeton High School and Blair Academy.

Aiden, born in 1999, is also a football enthusiast, playing as a midfielder for the same team. Wyatt, the youngest born in 2004, shares his brothers’ interest in sports and often joins his dad with his siblings. As a single mother, Jennifer Hageney has full custody of her kids and has been raising them on her own.

The Floral Designer’s Studio

Jennifer runs Spruce, a floral/botanical design studio in Princeton, New Jersey. She offers services like floral and botanical design, home decor, and gifts. Collaborating with local artists, she finds inspiration and gives back to the community by donating her creations to local charities. Jennifer has become a respected floral designer, leaving a mark in the industry.

Jennifer Hageney on Social Media

While Jennifer Hageney doesn’t use social media, her ex-husband, Andrew Shue, is active on Instagram (@andreweshue) and Twitter (@AndrewShue).

Jennifer Hageney’s Net Worth

Jennifer’s net worth is estimated between $200K and $300K, mainly from her work as a floral designer. Her annual income ranges from $16K to $24K, reflecting the value she earns from designing beautiful floral arrangements.

Marriage and Divorce

Jennifer and Andrew tied the knot in 1995 after a short engagement. During their 13 years together, they welcomed three children. However, in 2008, the couple decided to part ways, and the reasons for their split remain private.

Life After Divorce

Following their divorce, Andrew moved on and married journalist Amy Robach in 2010 (though they separated in 2022). Jennifer chose to keep a low profile, focusing on her career and raising their three children.

The Power of Love and Privacy

Jennifer Hageney and Andrew Shue’s enduring marriage highlights the power of love, respect, and privacy. In a world where celebrity marriages often seem fleeting, their commitment to each other has stood the test of time. Choosing to keep their family life private has allowed them to nurture a strong, loving relationship away from media scrutiny, contributing to the longevity of their marriage and the well-being of their children.


Jennifer Hageney might not be a famous name, but she’s a woman with substance, grace, and purpose. Her dedication to family, commitment to the environment, and charitable work show her true character. She’s a reminder that some people make a positive impact without chasing fame.

In the bright lights of Hollywood, Jennifer Hageney lives authentically and privately. Her lasting marriage to Andrew Shue proves the strength of love and the importance of a solid family foundation. In a world that often values celebrity over substance, Hageney’s life stands as an example of what truly matters – love, family, and making a positive difference, even in quiet ways.

FAQs About Jennifer Hageney

Who is Jennifer Hageney?

Jennifer Hageney is a well-respected floral designer from New York and the former spouse of actor Andrew Shue.

How did Jennifer Hageney and Andrew Shue meet?

While specific details aren’t mentioned, the couple got engaged in a whirlwind romance in 1994 and married the following year.

How many children do Jennifer and Andrew have?

They have three children – Nathaniel, Aidan, and Wyatt Shue.

Where is Jennifer Hageney now?

As of 2023, Jennifer remains dedicated to her floral design career and actively raises her children.

What is Jennifer Hageney’s net worth?

As of 2023, Jennifer Hageney’s estimated net worth is $200,000.


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