Matt Rife Net Worth

Matt Rife Net Worth: His Successful Life Achievements


Meet Matt Rife Net Worth, a funny guy from America who also acts. He’s got a lot of money – $39 million, to be exact! Matt makes about $6 million every year from his comedy gigs and the videos he puts on YouTube.

You might know him best for his comedy specials called Only Fans. He’s been doing comedy since he was young, even before he hit his teen years. And guess what? He’s had the chance to perform before some famous comedians like Ralphie May and Kevin Hart.

Key Points:

  1. In 2023, Matt Rife’s money is about $30 million.
  2. Every year, he gets about $6 million from his comedy gigs and videos on YouTube.
  3. Matt Rife got famous from his TikTok videos that spread everywhere. This helped him get chances in the entertainment world.
  4. He’s also made smart moves by putting his money into real estate and stocks, which helped him become richer.
  5. Matt Rife’s commitment and hard work have helped him beat problems in his comedy career.

Matt Rife Net Worth:

Newly found papers on Reddit suggest that Matt Rife has a lot of money. It seems he has $900,000 in cash in his personal HSBC Bank account.

Also, Matt Rife uses a Checking account at Wells Fargo Bank to handle his earnings from standup comedy and YouTube. The leaked papers show this account has $560,000 in cash.

Matt Rife Becoming Famous on TikTok:

Matt Rife Net Worth, a funny comedian, became famous because of TikTok. His videos went viral many times, getting millions of views. People all around the world started noticing and liking him because his jokes were funny and easy to relate to.

Matt Rife Becoming Famous on TikTok

After getting famous on TikTok, Matt Rife got a chance to do a special show on Netflix. This was a big opportunity for him to show how good he is at comedy to even more people, making him even more popular in showbiz.

Matt Rife’s Car Collection:

Some time ago, Matt Rife Net Worth got himself a brand-new McLaren GT for $300,000. Besides the McLaren, he also owns a Porsche and a Mercedes S-Class. And as a generous gesture, he gave his mom a Tesla Model Y as a birthday present.

Money & Investments:

Matt Rife Net Worth is because he’s smart about where he puts his money. He’s into real estate and stocks. Right now, he owns three apartments in Los Angeles and a fancy house in Florida, all worth $1.6 million together. These properties make up 15% of Matt Rife’s total money.

Apart from real estate, Matt Rife Net Worth also has a lot invested in stocks, totaling $2 million. He’s got $400k in Walmart, $190k in Netflix, $100k in Apple, and $85k in Boeing.

His Main Ways of Making Money:

His Main Ways of Making Money

1. Doing Stand-up Comedy:

Matt Rife makes a lot of money from doing stand-up comedy. He performs at big places like the Comedy Store and the Hollywood Improv, making good money from ticket sales.

2. Being on YouTube:

Matt Rife Net Worth has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube. His funny videos get millions of views. He earns money from ads and partnerships on his channel.

3. Working with Brands:

Because Matt Rife is so popular, brands want to work with him. He collaborates with big names like Coca-Cola, Doritos, and Nike, making money through advertising.

4. Acting:

Matt Rife also makes money from acting. He’s been in movies like “Black Pumpkin” and TV shows like “North of the 10”, which brings in extra cash and more fans.

5. Social Media Influence:

Matt Rife Net Worth has a lot of followers – over 22 million altogether on different platforms. He uses his social media presence to make his comedy better, connect with fans, and earn more money from partnerships and endorsements.


In his job as a comedian, Rife got a lot of attention for his comedy specials, like “Only Fans” (2021), “Matthew Steven Rife” (2023), and “Walking Red Flag” (2023).

He also showed up on a comedy contest show called “Bring the Funny” in 2019. These shows helped Matt Rife make a lot of money. Rife is famous for making jokes about everyday things and connecting with people of all ages.

He often talks about his own life, like his family, his relationships, and his battles with feeling worried and sad. Matt Rife’s comedy is easy to relate to and truthful, which is why so many people like it.

Legacy & Lasting Impact in Comedy:

Matt Rife Net Worth‘s journey from a new comedian to a rich entertainer shows how hard he works, how talented he is, and how well he can adapt to the changing entertainment world.

Legacy & Lasting Impact in Comedy

He’s good at making people laugh, which has not only made him rich but also made him a big deal in comedy. In short, Matt Rife Net Worth’s estimated $30 million money shows how amazing he is and how much he’s affected comedy.

He’s great at making people laugh, whether it’s on stage or online, and that’s why he’s such a big deal in comedy, even beyond just performing live.


In conclusion, Matt Rife Net Worth‘s remarkable journey from aspiring comedian to accomplished entertainer highlights his unwavering dedication, innate talent, and remarkable adaptability within the ever-changing landscape of entertainment.

His ability to connect with audiences through humor has not only propelled his financial success but has also firmly established his place as a comedic luminary.

With his estimated net worth of $30 million serving as a testament to his exceptional achievements, Matt Rife stands as a testament to the enduring power of laughter and the profound impact it can have on both individuals and the world of comedy as a whole.


Q. How much money does Matt Rife have?

A. Matt Rife Net Worth‘s estimated money is around $30 million.

Q. How did Matt Rife become famous?

A. Matt Rife Net Worth became famous after his comedy videos on TikTok went viral.

Q. What’s the name of Matt Rife’s most famous comedy special?

A. Matt Rife Net Worth’s most famous comedy special is called “Only Fans.”

Q. How much does Matt Rife make?

A. Matt Rife supposedly makes about $6 million every year from his comedy shows and YouTube videos.

Q. What problems has Matt Rife faced in his job?

A. Matt Rife has faced different problems and even thought about quitting comedy once.

Q. How does Matt Rife talk to his fans?

A. Matt Rife talks to his fans on social media sites like Instagram.

Q. Has Matt Rife been in any trouble?

A. Yes, Matt Rife has had trouble and faced criticism during his career.

Q. What does Matt Rife invest in and own?

A. Matt Rife invests in real estate and has a lot of stocks.

Q. Has Matt Rife tried acting?

A. Yes, Matt Rife has been on TV shows like “Wild ‘N Out” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Q. What’s next for Matt Rife?

A. Matt Rife Net Worth is talking to Netflix about making more shows, which could make him even more successful in comedy.


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