Organic Castor Oil

7 Powerful Benefits of Organic Castor Oil For Hair And Skincare


Organic Castor Oil, with its marvelous framework and countless benefits, is emerging as a lighthouse of universal beauty in the present-day well-being of society.

Imagine You are in some countryside, where there are a lot of greenery and rich plants are thriving.  Between these fields, you feel a cool sensation and peaceful aura and suddenly see something shining at a distance. You approach it but wait what?

  • Yes, it is ORGANIC CASTOR OIL.

With its remarkable and excellent result, not only on hair but also on skin, Organic castor oil is truly a gem. There are a lot of chemical-loaded serums and oils that benefit your skin and hair but you must remember one thing, those benefits are short-term and are usually harmful to your skin in a long way.

But worry not Organic castor oil is here to solve all your hair and skin problems. This product’s organic and herbal essence makes it a remarkable and effective oil. Because it is natural, so it is usually suitable for every person.

Be it a male, female, kid, or an elderly person, it benefits everyone. Organic castor oil is one solution for all your hair and skin problems.

In this article, we will talk about castor oil, its composition, benefits, and how to use it appropriately for your hair and skin and get maximum benefits from this harmonious product. So let us start.

How is organic castor oil extracted?

The only thing that makes Organic castor oil so unique and trustworthy is its natural essence. Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of the castor plant which is called Ricinus communis in scientific terms.

The oil is extracted before the seeds of the castor plant are treated with chemicals such as pesticides or fungicides to preserve the natural essence of the oil. The pure form of organic castor oil is then bottled and sent to manufacturing companies. So that was the journey of Organic castor oil from soil to the bottles to our skin and hair.

Organic vs Typical Castor Oil:

There are two kinds of castor oils.

Organic castor oil extracted from castor plants in its natural and pure form is environment-friendly and does not harm your skin or hair. It is gentle and mild because of its chemical-free properties.

Typical castor oil is also extracted from plants but it usually goes through many synthetic procedures so chemicals are eventually added to this. It makes it not so environmentally friendly thereby reducing its efficiency.

Powerful Benefits Associated with Organic Castor Oil:

Organic castor oil because of its herbal properties and purity has many powerful skincare and haircare benefits. Let’s unravel some of these benefits.

Powerful Benefits Organic Castor Oil

1. Nurturing Properties:   

Organic castor oil is known for its nourishing and nurturing abilities. It provides the necessary minerals, vitamins, and fats to your hair and skin. In our everyday life and hectic routines, we often forget to care about our skin and hair.

Our body is deprived of necessary vitamins and minerals from time to time. At such a time, Castor oil emerges as a hero providing your skin and hair with minerals and vitamins that it lost in the sand of time. The mild and gentle properties of Organic castor oil nurture your hair and skin without any harmful effects.

2. Moisturizing Power:

Organic castor oil, when used as a skincare product, provides the necessary moisture and nutrients to your skin. This oil penetrates deeply into your skin to give your skin the necessary components required for its nourishment.

Organic Castor Oil balances the pH of your skin by providing the necessary hydration and nutrients to your skin.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

You might have heard about ricinoleic acid as one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory substances. And guess what?

Organic Castor Oil is filled with this anti-inflammatory agent. This property of Castor oil makes it soothing and calming on the skin. 

People with inflamed or irritated skin can also use this herbal product on their skin without feeling irritated from its components.

4. Anti-bacterial Capabilities:

Organic castor oil has natural healing capabilities. Its ability to fight bacteria and fungi from your skin makes it a remarkable product.

It works on the acne and blemishes of your skin thereby making your skin smooth and pure from outside dust and dirt. It goes deep into your skin and kills all the harmful bacteria that are responsible for acne, pimples, or blemishes. 

5. Hair growth brilliance:

Now let us move toward the brilliance of Castor oil in Hair growth.

Organic castor oil works like magic in promoting hair growth.

As explained before, organic castor oil is filled with fatty acids which help in the circulation of the scalp. It also works on the hair follicles making your hair strands strong. It nourishes your hair which helps it grow quickly and efficiently.

6. Scalp preservation:

Organic castor oil helps promote hair growth but there is something more.

Castor oil works on the scalp making it pure from debris and dandruff which usually grows in our hair due to many reasons such as improper haircare, using chemical-laden products, or stress.

Organic castor oil works on dandruff which is also a kind of fungi and fights it effectively. It makes the scalp clean and dandruff-free. Thus this product works as a natural haircare solution for all your hair concerns.

7. Massaging Organic Castor Oil on sore muscles and joints:

Organic castor when massaged on the sore muscles and joints, provides relief to the patient. It is absorbed deep into your inflamed muscles and joints and its anti-inflammatory properties work on the inflammation thereby providing relief to the joints and reducing aches.

These were some of the few beauty secrets associated with organic castor oil. There are many other benefits derived from this product such as it is used to treat constipation, it is used to promote eyelash growth, wound healing, acne scar treatment, and many more.

How to incorporate Organic castor oil into your Beauty Regime?

Now that you know about the benefits associated with castor oil. You know about the splendrous results it shows to your hair and skin. You must be thinking about how you can benefit from Organic Castor Oil. So here are some ways.

Beauty of Using Organic Castor Oil

  • Gentle Cleansing with Organic Castor Oil

There are no hard and fast rules and methods to apply castor oil on your face. You can simply mix 2-3 drops of organic castor oil into your daily facewash.   

Apply this facewash gently and smoothly on your skin. Rub it gently and then wash it off. You will be amazed by the cooling sensation it leaves on your skin.

  • Organic Castor Oil for Glowing Skin

You can also apply castor oil directly on your face. For this, you first need to clean your face properly. Make sure you do not have any dirt or debris present on your skin. 

Then apply 1-2 drops of castor oil on your face. Massage it gently on your skin to help the oil get absorbed into your skin. 

If you have oily skin then do not use it more than once a day.

  • To treat puffy eyes

Organic Castor oil due to its anti-inflammatory properties reduces the puffiness around the eyes. What you need to do is apply a few drops of castor oil around your eyes and rub it gently. 

Do not let the oil enter into your eyes otherwise, it can cause serious eye infections.

  • To soften lips 

Organic Castor oil helps soften the lip. You can make the lip balm easily and effortlessly at home by mixing only three ingredients.

These are coconut oil, a little bit of beeswax, and castor oil. Make a smooth balm by mixing these three products and applying it daily for smooth lips.

  • Using it for overnight treatments

Wash your face before bedtime and then apply the Organic Castor Oil on your whole face. Massage it gently on your face. This provides the necessary nourishment and nutrients to your skin.

What are some possible side effects of using Organic Castor Oil?

side effects of Using Organic Castor Oil

  • Allergic Reactions

Some people might be allergic to castor oil or any of its constituents and get allergic reactions by using Castor Oil. This remains one of the possible potent threats of castor oil. Therefore, it is always recommended to do a patch test before applying it to a larger part of the skin.

  • For people with sensitive skin

While Organic castor oil is herbal and natural in its composition, still it can be irritating to people with overly sensitive skin. In such a condition it is recommended to dilute the castor oil with some other oil such as coconut oil and form a mixture. In this way, the irritating factor of the oil can be minimized

  • Improper Storage

Improper storage can result in changing the composition of the organic castor oil and can diminish the natural capabilities of the product. Exposing it to direct sunlight can be harmful.

Ensure that you store it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. These were some of the side effects that can occur by using castor oil. These side effects can be minimized easily by taking necessary safety precautions while using the organic castor oil.

Myths about using Organic Castor Oil:

  • Organic Castor oil opens pores and causes Pimples/ Acne:

  • Fact: Organic Castor Oil can not clog pores and cause pimples or acne but it provides your skin with all the minerals and moisturizes it gently. Thus it heals acne not cause it.
  • Organic castor oil has an awful smell:

  • Fact: Organic castor does not have any fragrance of its own. Some people still talk about the tolerable and good fragrance of castor oil.
  • Organic castor oil gives results overnight:

  • Fact: Castor oil is known for its remarkable results but it dont show results overnight. This is because it is an herbal product and herbal products usually take time to show their effects.


So this was all about Organic castor oil. Its proper and consistent use can show great results in the long run. 

Meanwhile, it is important to always look for the precautions and not to overuse the product. If you still have any concerns regarding the use of organic castor you must consult your doctor/ dermatologist before using this product.


Can organic castor oil help in nourishing eyelashes and eyebrows?

YES! Castor oil is an excellent choice for enhancing the beauty of your eyelashes and eyebrows. Just apply a few drops before bedtime every day and enjoy its results.

How often should one apply Organic castor oil for Hair growth?

You don’t need to apply Castor oil daily to your hair. Instead, just apply it 2-3 times per week. Massage it gently on the scalp to get the required results.


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