The Role of Ketamine in Managing Chronic Pain


Ketamine is a medicine that doctors use to make people lose consciousness. It’s considered a Schedule III non-narcotic drug under the Controlled Substances Act.

Doctors only use ketamine as an approved medicine by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for making people sleep during surgeries. Sometimes, doctors prescribe it for other uses, which are not officially approved by the FDA. This is called “off-label” use.

Some people take ketamine because it makes them see things that aren’t real. Ketamine can make you sleepy, unable to move, and forget things for a short time. Because of this, some people use it to do bad things, like putting it in someone’s drink without them knowing.

Using ketamine safely is okay when a doctor gives it to you for medical reasons. But if someone uses it for fun, it can be dangerous and even deadly.

Keep reading to find out more about what ketanine does, its bad effects, and how it interacts with alcohol and other drugs.

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine first came from Belgium in the 1960s as a medicine to make animals sleep. In 1970, the FDA said it could be used to make people sleep too. It was given to soldiers who got hurt in the Vietnam War.

Sometimes, when a person is very upset or wants to hurt themselves, emergency helpers may give them ketanine. Dr. Ken Stewart says they noticed it could also help people who feel very sad and want to hurt themselves.

For example, if someone wants to jump off a bridge, and they give them ketanine in the ambulance to calm them down, after some time, they might feel better. Dr. Stewart, who works in Santa Fe, NM, says when many people had stories like this, doctors started thinking, “Maybe this drug can help with sadness and wanting to hurt yourself.”

Ketamine makes you feel like you’re not connected to yourself, which doctors call a “dissociative experience.” Others might call it a “trip.” Because of this feeling, some people use it for fun at parties. They might inject it, drink it, snort it, or mix it with other drugs like marijuana or tobacco.


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Is ketamine hard to stop using?

Ketamine is seen as a Schedule III non-narcotic drug under the Controlled Substance Act. Because it can ease pain and change how you feel, it might make you want more, and you could get stuck needing it. This means you might have to take more of it to feel the same, and you might even become addicted.

Like with any other addiction, ketamine can take over someone’s life. It’s really important for someone who uses ketamine in the wrong way to get help from a counselor or a doctor.

Getting Ketamine

The FDA says that ketanine and other mixed-up ketanine products aren’t allowed to be used to treat mental problems. This means they haven’t been proven to be safe or helpful. But in 2019, the FDA said it was okay to use a nose spray called ketamine (Spravato) that is made from ketanine for people with severe depression that doesn’t go away with normal depression pills. But they can only use it if they also take other depression pills and only in special places where doctors watch them closely for at least 2 hours after they take it.

How Ketamine Helps

Both Winograd and Coulter-Scott felt better even after their ketanine experience. Scientists are trying to understand why. Here’s what they know so far: Some depressed people don’t feel the usual effects of ketanine, like feeling out of touch with reality, but they still feel better a few days later.

“When ketanine is in your body, you might feel disconnected, but that’s not the main thing,” Krystal explains. “That’s just part of how the treatment works. The real treatment is how your brain reacts to ketanine, how it responds to having ketamine.”

The brain can react in different ways, depending on its condition. For example, people with long-term depression might lose some connections in their brains that help nerve cells talk to each other.

“We believe that depression is so stressful that it causes you to lose some of these connections in the brain,” Krystal says.

However, research shows that within a day of getting the first dose of ketanine from a doctor, these lost connections start to grow back. The more connections people get back, the better they feel from the antidepressant effects of ketanine.

Can ketamine be used for mental health?

Another important thing to mention is ketamine. Ketanine and ketanine are very alike in how they’re made, but they’re different drugs. Ketanine is only approved by the FDA for making people sleep, and it’s still used a lot for surgery and when people get hurt badly. Esketanine came out around 2019 and is used for treating depression that doesn’t get better with normal treatment. Most of the news talks about ketanine.

In Short

Ketamine is a medicine that doctors use to make people sleep during surgery and other emergencies, like fixing broken bones. Some research says it might be useful for other things too, but we need more studies to be sure it’s safe and works well.

It’s important to know the difference between using ketamine as a medicine and using it for fun. While it’s generally safe in hospitals, some people with certain heart problems shouldn’t take it. Always let a trained doctor give you ketamine in a safe place.


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