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15 Best Methods to Recover Deleted Photos on Mac


Welcome to the world of Recover Deleted Photos! In this digital age, the preservation of cherished memories is more crucial than ever. Whether you’re seeking to breathe new life into old photos or grappling with the dilemma of permanently deleted images, our concise guide offers streamlined solutions. From the intricacies of AI-driven restoration to navigating the realms of Google Photos recovery and beyond, each section unveils practical methods to reclaim moments thought lost.

Let’s try into the following articles for quick, effective insights into Recover Deleted Photos, and embark on a journey to rediscover your visual narratives.

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1. Photo Restoration Process:

Photo restoration is a transformative journey that begins with a simple three-step process.

Upload an Image:

  • To initiate the restoration journey, start by uploading your chosen image. This quick step sets the groundwork for the AI-powered enhancements that follow.

Upscale Using AI:

  • Harness the power of artificial intelligence to upscale and refine your image. Watch as intricate details and lost nuances are meticulously restored, breathing new life into the photograph.


  • Once the restoration process is complete, effortlessly download your revitalized image. The culmination of this process ensures that your memories are not only preserved but enhanced for future enjoyment. Explore the transformative capabilities of AI in Recover Deleted Photos—where the past meets the present in a seamless blend of technology and nostalgia.

2. Free AI Old Photo Restoration Online:

Discover the world of free AI old photo restoration online, where cutting-edge technology meets the charm of vintage images.

Free AI Old Photo Restoration Online

Overview of AI Image Restoration:

  • Gain insights into the fascinating realm of AI-driven image restoration. Understand how advanced algorithms analyze and enhance old photographs, breathing new life into faded memories.

Advantages of Image Restoration:

  • Explore the benefits of opting for image restoration. From preserving family history to reviving the aesthetic appeal of vintage Recover Deleted Photos, uncover the advantages that make this process invaluable.

Why Choose Spyne for Restoration of Old Photos?

  • Delve into the reasons Spyne stands out in the domain of old photo restoration. Uncover the features that make Spyne a preferred choice for those seeking to revive and cherish their precious photographic archives.

How Does Spyne AI Photo Restorer Restore Old Pictures?

  • Peek behind the curtain and understand the intricate process Spyne AI employs to restore old pictures. From algorithmic interventions to nuanced enhancements, witness the magic that unfolds in the revival of vintage images. Embark on a journey where the past is not forgotten but revitalized through the lens of modern technology.

3. Recovering Permanently Deleted Photos from Google Photos:

Embark on a quest to retrieve those seemingly lost moments from the digital realm with insights into recovering permanently deleted photos from Google Photos.

Overview of Google Photos:

  • Understand the basics of Google Photos – a digital haven for your visual memories. Learn how this platform becomes the custodian of your Recover Deleted Photos and the challenges of recovering deleted content.

Location of Google Backup Photos:

  • Navigate the whereabouts of your Google backup Recover Deleted Photos. Discover the repository that safeguards your visual chronicles and serves as a potential lifeline for retrieval.

Where Permanently Deleted Photos Go:

  • Uncover the destination of photos deemed permanently deleted. Grasp the dynamics of digital permanence and the possibilities of resurrecting images thought to be lost forever.

Can Photos Be Recovered After 60 Days?

  • Explore the temporal constraints of Recover Deleted Photos on Google Photos. Learn whether the passage of time limits your ability to retrieve deleted photos and the strategies to overcome such limitations. Navigate the intricacies of Google Photos recovery and unveil the secrets to reclaiming moments from the digital abyss.

4. Word Document Recovery Software:

In the realm of digital documents, the unexpected loss of data is a common challenge. Here’s a quick guide to navigating the landscape of word document recovery software.

Word Document Recovery Software

Methods: How to Recover Deleted Photo from Google Photo?

  • Explore efficient methods to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos. From utilizing built-in features to leveraging third-party tools, discover the step-by-step approaches that can salvage your visual memories.

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Deleted Photos From Google Photos?

  • Visual learners, rejoice! Delve into a video tutorial that simplifies the process of Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos. Follow along with clear instructions to ensure a seamless retrieval experience.

Method 1: Restore Google Photos on Android Phone:

  • For Android users, learn the straightforward method of restoring deleted photos directly on your phone. Discover the intuitive steps that can quickly bring back your cherished images.

Method 2: Recover Google Photos on iPhone:

  • iPhone users, fear not! Navigate the steps to recover Google Photos on your Apple device. Uncover the iOS-specific process to ensure the retrieval of Recover Deleted Photos.

Method 3: Retrieve Google Photos on Computer:

  • Dabble into the method of retrieving Google Photos on your computer. Explore the desktop realm and understand how to bring back Recover Deleted Photos through your computer interface.

Method 4: Restore Deleted Photos from PC Recycle Bin:

  • Let’s try into the basics of PC Recycle Bin recovery. Understand how Recover Deleted Photos find a temporary refuge in the Recycle Bin and how you can effortlessly restore them.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from Google Photos After 60 Days?

  • Encounter the challenge of Recover Deleted Photos after the 60-day mark. Uncover alternative methods and tools that may offer solutions beyond the conventional time constraints.

Method 1: Get Recover it Photo Recovery:

  • Explore the capabilities of Recoverit Photo Recovery software. Understand how this tool can be a valuable asset in the Recover Deleted Photos, providing a comprehensive solution to data loss.

Method 2: Google Support:

  • Tap into the support resources provided by Google. Explore the official channels and guidelines offered by Google to aid in the Recover Deleted Photos, ensuring you make the most of available assistance.

Steps to recover deleted photos Android internal storage:

  • For Android users concerned about Recover Deleted Photos stored internally, follow a concise set of steps to recover deleted photos from the internal storage of your Android device.

Navigate the diverse landscape of Recover Deleted Photos methods, embracing both the native features of Google Recover Deleted Photos and external tools to ensure a comprehensive approach to data restoration.

5. Recovering Deleted Photos on Windows:

In the Windows ecosystem, regaining access to Recover Deleted Photos involves navigating various avenues. Let’s explore the diverse methods available for recovering those precious images.

Method 1: From the Recycle Bin:

  • Discover the simplicity of Recover Deleted Photos from the Recycle Bin. Follow these straightforward steps to retrieve your images from this temporary holding space.

Method 2: From Backup Files:

  • Learn the process of Recover Deleted Photos from backup files. Understand how the Windows backup system can serve as a safety net for your visual memories.

Method 3: Using a Photo Recovery Software:

  • Explore the efficiency of Recover Deleted Photos software. Uncover the step-by-step guide to using specialized tools that can scan and retrieve deleted photos with ease.

Method 4: Via a Data Recovery Service:

  • For more complex data loss scenarios, consider engaging a data recovery service. Learn about the general guidelines for choosing and utilizing these services to Recover Deleted Photos.

Here, we provide a comprehensive overview of Windows-centric methods for Recover Deleted Photos. Whether you prefer built-in features, external software, or professional services, each method is designed to cater to different user preferences and scenarios.

6. Recovering Deleted Photos on Mac:

Mac users, fear not! Regaining access to deleted photos on your macOS device involves several accessible methods. Let’s delve into the diverse approaches available for Recover Deleted Photos.

  • Method 1: From the Trash Rediscover deleted images from the Trash. Follow these quick steps to Recover Deleted Photos that you may have discarded, offering a simple solution for recent deletions.
  • Method 2: From a Time Machine Backup Utilize Time Machine for Recover Deleted Photos. Learn the steps to retrieve deleted photos from a Time Machine backup, ensuring that your visual memories remain intact.
  • Method 3: From an iTunes Backup Explore the process of Recover Deleted Photos from an iTunes backup. Understand the steps to retrieve deleted images, leveraging the backup functionality provided by iTunes.
  • Method 4: Restore Images with a Photo Recovery Software For a more versatile approach, use photo recovery software on your Mac. Follow these simple steps to employ specialized tools that scan and recover deleted photos, offering a comprehensive solution.

Mac users can navigate these diverse methods based on their preferences and specific scenarios. Whether restoring from the Trash, utilizing backups, or employing software, each method ensures that your Recover Deleted Photos find their way back to your cherished collection.

7. Recovering Deleted Photos on Android:

Android users, explore the multitude of options available for recovering deleted photos from your devices. Navigate through these concise methods to reclaim your cherished memories:

  • Method 1: From the Cloud (Google Photos, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox) Leverage the power of cloud storage. Learn how to recover deleted photos from popular cloud services such as Google Photos, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox.
  • Method 2: From an SD Card If your Recover Deleted Photos are stored on an SD card, follow these steps to recover deleted images directly from the card, ensuring a swift retrieval process.
  • Method 3: Via Photo Recovery Software (PC version for Mac and Windows) Discover versatile photo recovery software. Whether you’re on a Mac or Windows PC, explore the steps to use specialized tools for scanning and recovering deleted photos.
  • Method 4: With an App that Restores Deleted Photos Simplify the process with dedicated apps. Learn how to use apps designed specifically for restoring deleted photos on your Android device, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Explore these Android-centric methods to recover deleted photos, tailoring your approach based on your storage preferences and the nature of the data loss. Whether from the cloud, SD card, or via dedicated apps, each method provides a streamlined solution for reclaiming your visual treasures.

8. Recovering Deleted Photos from iPhone:

iPhone users, regain access to your Recover Deleted Photos with these swift and effective methods tailored to the iOS ecosystem:

Recovering Deleted Photos from iPhone

  • Method 1: Without Software Explore native iOS features for photo recovery. Learn the steps to Recover Deleted Photos without the need for third-party software, ensuring a seamless process.
  • Method 2: With an Image Recovery Tool (For Mac and Windows) Employ specialized image recovery tools for Mac and Windows. Follow these steps to scan and recover deleted photos, leveraging dedicated software compatible with your operating system.
  • Method 3: From an iPhone Backup Utilize iPhone backups for Recover Deleted Photos. Understand the steps to retrieve deleted images from your device’s backup, ensuring that your cherished memories remain intact.
  • Method 4: From an iTunes Backup Navigate the steps to Recover Deleted Photos from an iTunes backup. Learn how to recover deleted images using the backup functionality provided by iTunes.
  • Method 5: From an iCloud Backup Explore iCloud as a recovery avenue. Understand the steps to retrieve deleted photos from your iCloud backup, offering a cloud-based solution for data restoration.

iPhone users can choose from these versatile methods, tailoring their approach based on preferences and the specific circumstances of the data loss. Whether relying on native features, dedicated tools, or cloud backups, each method ensures a quick and efficient recovery process for your Recover Deleted Photos.

9. Recovering Deleted Photos from a Digital Camera:

Digital camera users, fear not! Here are quick methods to recover deleted photos from your camera and salvage those moments captured in pixels:

  • Method 1: Directly from the Camera Memory Card Retrieve deleted photos directly from the camera’s memory card. Follow these steps to access and recover images, ensuring a straightforward process.
  • Method 2: Using Photo Recovery Software Employ Recover Deleted Photos software designed for digital cameras. Explore the steps to use specialized tools to scan and recover deleted photos, offering a comprehensive solution for data loss.

Navigate through these methods to recover deleted photos from your digital camera, tailoring your approach based on your camera’s storage medium and the nature of the data loss. Whether directly from the memory card or via dedicated software, each method provides a quick and efficient means to rescue your photographic memories.

10. Can you Recover Photo Deleted Years Ago?

Delve into the possibilities of Recover Deleted Photos years ago and explore various methods to revive these long-lost memories:

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos?

  • Understand the challenges of Recover Deleted Photos. Explore the methods and tools that can potentially resurrect images deemed lost forever.
  • Method 1: Recover Deleted Photos From Recycle Bin Navigate the Recycle Bin for potential recovery. Learn how to Recover Deleted Photos that may have found temporary refuge in the Recycle Bin, even after an extended period.
  • Method 2: Use Photos Recovery – The Best File Recovery Software to Retrieve Years Ago Deleted Pictures Discover the capabilities of file recovery software. Explore the steps to use specialized tools like Photos Recovery, designed to retrieve pictures deleted years ago.

Why use Photos Recovery?

  • Uncover the advantages of using dedicated file recovery software like Recover Deleted Photos. Explore the features that make it a reliable solution for Recover Deleted Photos from the distant past.
  • Method 3: Recover Photos via Backups Leverage backup solutions for Recover Deleted Photos. Understand how maintaining backups over the years can be a lifesaver in retrieving images deleted long ago.

Navigate these methods to Recover Deleted Photos years ago, each offering a unique approach to salvage memories that seemed lost in the sands of time. Whether exploring the Recycle Bin, employing specialized software, or relying on backups, each method holds the potential to breathe new life into images from the past.

Restore Gallery Photos:

Accidentally deleted your cherished Recover Deleted Photos from your gallery? Fear not, as there are simple steps to restore them. Most smartphones offer a built-in option to recover recently deleted photos. Navigate to your gallery app, look for the “Recently Deleted” or “Trash” folder, and you may find your deleted photos there. Select the photos you want to restore and choose the “Restore” or “Undelete” option. This straightforward process can save you from the panic of losing important images.

Delete Photo Recovery App:

If you’ve used a Recover Deleted Photos app and no longer need it or want to free up space on your device, uninstalling is a breeze. On Android, go to “Settings,” then “Apps,” find the Recover Deleted Photos app, and select “Uninstall.” On iOS, press and hold the app icon until it wiggles, then tap the “X” that appears. Confirm the deletion, and the app will be removed. Keep in mind that uninstalling the app doesn’t delete the recovered photos; it simply removes the application from your device.

Recover Deleted Photos Download:

If you’ve lost Recover Deleted Photos and need to recover them, downloading a reputable Recover Deleted Photos tool can be a lifesaver. Platforms like Wondershare Recoverit, EaseUS Data Recovery, or Disk Drill offer user-friendly interfaces and effective recovery options. After downloading and installing the chosen tool, follow the on-screen instructions. Typically, you’ll need to select the storage location where your photos were deleted, initiate a scan, and then preview and recover the images. Remember to save the recovered photos to a different location to avoid overwriting any existing data.


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the quest to recover and restore precious memories is a journey marked by innovation and resilience. From the intricacies of AI-powered image revival to the nuances of navigating Google Photos recovery and beyond, this comprehensive guide has unraveled diverse methods for reclaiming visual treasures.

Whether you’re a Windows aficionado, Mac enthusiast, Android or iPhone user, or someone seeking to revive images from a digital camera, the varied methods outlined here cater to your unique needs. As we explore the realms of permanence, time constraints, and compatibility, the overarching theme emerges—technology, with its tools and methods, provides avenues to breathe new life into moments once thought lost.

So, embark on your journey of Recover Deleted Photos armed with knowledge, and let the pixels of the past find their way back into the canvas of your cherished memories.

11. FAQs and Tips for Google Photos Recovery:

Uncover valuable insights and practical tips related to Google Photos recovery through this collection of frequently asked questions and handy suggestions:

How do I download all photos from Google Photos?

  • Explore the steps to download all your Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos, ensuring a convenient way to preserve your entire collection.

Do photos stay on Google photos if deleted from the phone?

  • Understand the dynamics of photo retention on Google Photos after deletion from your phone. Gain clarity on where your Recover Deleted Photos reside in the digital ecosystem.

How do I retrieve my pictures from Google?

  • Discover methods to retrieve your pictures from Google, ensuring you can easily reclaim your visual memories through straightforward steps.

Is it safe to keep photos in Google Photos?

  • Explore the safety considerations of storing Recover Deleted Photos in Google Photos. Understand the security features and practices that safeguard your visual data.

Tips for recovering Google Photos

  • Access practical tips for efficient Google Recover Deleted Photos. Learn strategies to streamline the recovery process and maximize your chances of Recover Deleted Photos.

Navigate through these FAQs and tips to enhance your Google Photos recovery experience. Whether you’re seeking to download your entire collection, understanding retention dynamics, or ensuring the safety of your stored photos, these insights offer valuable guidance.

12. General FAQs:

Explore a collection of general frequently asked questions surrounding Recover Deleted Photos, offering succinct answers to common queries:

Can you recover photos from years ago?

  • Discover the possibilities of recovering photos from bygone years. Uncover methods and tools that may facilitate the retrieval of long-lost images.

How to recover 7-year-old photos?

  • Navigate steps to Recover Deleted Photos from seven years ago. Learn about methods and tools that can potentially resurrect images that have been deleted or lost over an extended period.

Recovering photos from 2 years ago on a PC:

  • Understand the specifics of Recover Deleted Photos from two years ago on a PC. Explore methods and tools tailored to the Windows environment for efficient data retrieval.

Are permanently deleted photos gone forever?

  • Delve into the concept of permanence in deleted photos. Understand whether Recover Deleted Photos deemed permanently deleted are truly gone forever and explore potential recovery avenues.

Can you recover old deleted pictures on Windows 11 PC using Photos Recovery?

  • Explore the compatibility of Photos Recovery on Windows 11. Learn whether this software can be effectively utilized for recovering old deleted pictures on the latest Windows operating system.

Navigate through these general FAQs for concise answers to common questions surrounding Recover Deleted Photos. Whether dealing with photos from years ago, understanding the permanence of deletions, or exploring compatibility on Windows 11, these insights offer a quick reference for various scenarios.


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