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Debunking the Myth: Best Disney Two Cups Movie


In late September 2023, social media platforms buzzed with claims that Disney Two Cups Movie was releasing an animated film titled “Two Girls, One Cup.” The title raised eyebrows, as it seemed eerily reminiscent of the infamous internet video that had shocked and bewildered netizens years ago. But was this claim legitimate, or was it just another internet hoax? Let’s try into the details and separate fact from fiction.

The Viral Poster

The alleged poster for “Two Girls, One Cup” depicted two girls smiling and holding a cup between them. However, upon closer inspection, several red flags emerged. Here’s why the poster raised suspicions:

  1. Altered Disney Logo: The “Disney” logo on the poster appeared altered, with certain letters looking distinctly changed. In a genuine Disney production, the logo would be clear and fully legible.
  2. Awkwardly Rendered Hands: The characters’ hands in the poster were misshapen and indistinct. One girl’s hands even seemed fused with her shorts and the cup. Such warped hands are often indicative of images generated by artificial intelligence.

Details on the Fake Poster

Netizens noticed oddities in the poster, like awkward character positioning, possibly created using AI. Some versions had an unclear sentence underneath, inconsistent with Disney’s usual style. Disney typically avoids adding unreadable sentences beneath their poster images.

The Infamous Reference

The title “Two Girls, One Cup” undoubtedly harks back to the notorious internet video of the same name. For those blissfully unaware, the original video featured two women engaging in stomach-turning activities involving a cup. Suffice it to say, it’s not the kind of content Disney Two Cups Movie typically produces!


Let’s set the record straight:

  • Disney Denies It: We reached out to Disney for comment, and they confirmed that no such movie was in their production pipeline. The alleged poster was indeed a fabrication.
  • AI-Generated Imagery: We ran the image through various tools designed to detect AI-generated content. While one tool suggested human creation, another indicated a 16% chance of AI involvement. Regardless, the consensus was that the poster was not genuine.

The Real Disney Projects

While “Two Girls, One Cup” remains a figment of internet imagination, Disney Two Cups Movie does have other exciting projects in the works. For instance:

  1. “Once Upon a Studio”: An upcoming Disney short that promises enchanting tales.
  2. “Dark Asylum”: The cryptic words found at the bottom of some versions of the viral image led us to a Facebook page associated with “Dark Asylum Radio.” Perhaps a mystery waiting to unfold?

Movie Release Controversy

The Disney Two Cups movie buzz started on Twitter (now called X), surprising users with its unexpected appearance. People didn’t know Disney Two Cups Movie was making such a movie and were shocked to think it might be related to an adult video with a similar name.

Public Reaction to the Movie

People online, known as netizens, were upset about the supposed Disney Two Cups movie. Creating a cartoon from an adult video didn’t sit well with them. They expressed their opposition, feeling Disney Two Cups Movie, known for children’s content, shouldn’t produce such material.

Backing Claims with Pictures

A picture circulated online, showing a vibrant movie poster featuring a cup between two characters with the Disney logo. The image went viral, convincing millions that Disney Two Cups Movie was indeed making such a movie.

Why Disney Stayed Silent

Disney Two Cups Movie chose not to comment, perhaps because this wasn’t the first time fake news spread about them. In the past, there were false stories about actors collaborating on animated movies, revealed to be satire later.


In the realm of Disney magic, “Two Girls, One Cup” is nothing more than a digital mirage. So, rest assured, your childhood memories remain untarnished by this peculiar title. As for the real Disney Two Cups Movie offerings, keep an eye out for their delightful creations—minus any cups of questionable content! 🌟🎥🚫


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