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How to Fix Discord Javascript Error In Windows? 7 Best Methods


Welcome to the essential guide on troubleshooting Discord Javascript Error. If you’ve encountered issues while using Discord, particularly those related to Javascript errors, you’re in the right place.

In this concise guide, we’ll explore the common causes behind these errors and provide straightforward solutions to help you get Discord up and running smoothly. Whether you’re facing a fatal Javascript error or encountering issues specific to Windows 7, this guide covers it all.

Let’s try to the solutions and ensure a seamless Discord experience.

Table of Contents

1. Understanding the Cause of Javascript Errors

Part 1. Why Am I Getting a Javascript Error?

  • Explore the reasons behind encountering Javascript errors on Discord.
  • Understand how various factors contribute to these errors.

Part 2. How to Fix the Discord Javascript Error?

  • Step-by-step solutions to address Discord Javascript Error.
  • Practical methods to troubleshoot and resolve the issues efficiently.
    • End All Discord Processes: Learn how to terminate Discord processes to eliminate potential conflicts.
    • Clear Discord’s AppData and LocalAppData: Clearing essential Discord data for a clean slate.
    • Launch Discord without Administrative Privilege: Adjusting Discord’s privilege settings.
    • Whitelist Discord Installation Files in Antivirus: Ensuring Discord files are not flagged by antivirus programs.
    • Configure the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service: Optimizing the service for Discord.
    • Uninstall and Reinstall Discord Properly: A comprehensive guide on reinstalling Discord for a fresh start.
    • Specific Solution for Windows 7 Users: Tailored steps for users on the Windows 7 operating system.

In this section, we delve into the root causes of Javascript errors in Discord, providing insights into why users may encounter these issues. Additionally, we present practical solutions to address the errors, ensuring a smoother Discord experience.

2. Addressing the Discord Fatal Javascript Error in Windows 10 & 11

Discord Fatal Javascript Error Ventsmagazines.co.uk

1. Run Discord With Admin Rights

  • Learn the simple steps to run Discord with administrative privileges on Windows 10 and 11.
  • Understand how elevated permissions can resolve fatal Javascript errors.

2. Uninstall BetterDiscord

  • Step-by-step guide on uninstalling BetterDiscord, a potential source of conflicts.
  • Ensure a clean Discord installation by removing third-party modifications.

3. Erase Discord’s Data Folders

  • Clearing Discord’s data folders to eliminate corrupted or outdated files.
  • Ensure a fresh start by removing any remnants of previous installations.

4. Reinstall Discord

  • Understand the process of uninstalling and reinstalling Discord on Windows 10 and 11.
  • Follow the recommended steps to ensure a proper and clean reinstallation.

5. Disable Any Third-Party Antivirus Tools

  • Guidance on temporarily disabling third-party antivirus tools.
  • Prevent interference by antivirus programs that may cause Javascript errors in Discord.

6. Verify the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Service is Enabled

  • Check the status of the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service.
  • Ensure the service is enabled for optimal Discord performance.

7. Resume Chatting in Discord Again on Windows

  • After implementing the recommended solutions, resume using Discord without encountering fatal Javascript errors.
  • Enjoy a seamless chat experience on Windows 10 and 11.

In this section, we provide a set of targeted solutions to address the fatal Javascript error specific to Windows 10 and 11. Each solution is presented in a concise, step-by-step format, ensuring that users can efficiently troubleshoot and resolve the issues they may encounter on these operating systems.

3. Identifying the Causes of Javascript Errors in Discord

Javascript Errors in Discord Ventsmagazines.co.uk

1. Problematic Configurations

  • Recognize how problematic configurations can lead to Javascript errors.
  • Understand the impact of conflicting settings on Discord’s functionality.

2. Antivirus Interference

  • Explore how antivirus programs may interfere with Discord’s processes.
  • Recognize the need to whitelist Discord files and prevent false positives.

3. Corruption in Installation Files

  • Understand how corruption in Discord’s installation files can trigger errors.
  • Learn the importance of reinstalling Discord properly to address corrupted files.

In this section, we explore the three main causes behind Javascript errors in Discord. By pinpointing problematic configurations, antivirus interference, and corruption in installation files, users gain insights into the potential sources of issues. This understanding sets the foundation for effective troubleshooting and resolution of Javascript errors in Discord.

1. Discord Javascript Error Reddit

Reddit serves as a platform for Discord users to discuss and seek solutions for Javascript errors encountered while using the application. Users share experiences, troubleshooting methods, and community-driven insights to help each other resolve Discord Javascript errors. Engaging with the Discord community on Reddit can provide valuable tips and alternative solutions to address specific issues users may face.

2. Discord Javascript Error Mac

Users encountering Javascript errors on Discord while using Mac systems can follow specific troubleshooting steps. These may include checking for Discord updates, ensuring compatibility with the Mac operating system, and adjusting permissions. Engaging with Discord support forums and Mac user communities can offer additional guidance tailored to Mac-specific issues, ensuring a smooth experience on the platform.

3. Discord Javascript Error Linux

Linux users may experience Javascript errors on Discord due to compatibility issues or unique system configurations. Troubleshooting Linux-specific Discord Javascript errors involves verifying dependencies, checking for updates, and ensuring proper permissions. Engaging with the Discord Linux community or relevant forums can provide insights and solutions specific to the Linux operating system.

4. Discord Javascript Error No Space Left on Device

When users encounter a Discord Javascript error indicating “No Space Left on Device,” addressing storage issues becomes crucial. Clearing disk space, deleting unnecessary files, and optimizing storage usage are common solutions. This error often pertains to the device’s storage limitations and can be resolved by freeing up space to ensure Discord functions smoothly.

5. Discord Fatal Javascript Error Inconsistent Installer State

The Discord fatal Javascript error related to an inconsistent installer state requires specific troubleshooting steps. Users may need to uninstall Discord, remove residual files, and perform a clean reinstall to resolve this issue. Checking system permissions and ensuring a stable internet connection can also contribute to resolving the inconsistent installer state error on Discord.

6. A Fatal Javascript Error Occurred

Encountering a fatal Javascript error in Discord can disrupt the user experience. Resolving this issue may involve terminating Discord processes, clearing cached data, and ensuring proper permissions. Users can explore community forums, Discord support, and relevant online resources for insights into resolving fatal Javascript errors, ensuring the application functions as intended.

These diverse Discord Javascript errors may arise from various factors, and the solutions provided here aim to guide users through specific troubleshooting steps tailored to each scenario. Engaging with relevant communities and forums can further enhance the troubleshooting process and provide users with a comprehensive understanding of Discord Javascript error resolution.

A Fatal JavaScript Error Occurred in Discord Windows 11

Users on the Windows 11 platform have reported encountering a fatal JavaScript error while using Discord. This error seems to be a critical issue that disrupts the normal functioning of the Discord application on Windows 11.

Discord Fatal JavaScript Error Reddit

The Discord community on Reddit has discussed instances of fatal JavaScript errors. Users share their experiences, troubleshooting tips, and potential solutions to address this critical error affecting Discord.

Discord a Fatal JavaScript Error Occurred Attempt to Install the Host That Is Currently Running

In some cases, users have reported encountering a fatal JavaScript error during the attempt to install the host that is currently running Discord. This issue suggests an inconsistency during the installation process that needs attention.

Discord Fatal JavaScript Error Inconsistent Installer State

Another reported issue involves a fatal JavaScript error related to an inconsistent installer state. Users facing this problem may experience difficulties installing or updating Discord due to inconsistencies in the installation process.

A JavaScript Error Occurred in the Main Process

Apart from fatal errors, users have reported non-fatal JavaScript errors occurring in the main process of Discord. While not as severe, these errors can still impact the application’s performance and user experience.

A Fatal JavaScript Error Has Occurred PHPMyAdmin

Beyond Discord, users working with PHPMyAdmin have reported encountering fatal JavaScript errors. This issue can pose challenges in using PHPMyAdmin for database management and requires attention for resolution.

JavaScript Error Message

Understanding JavaScript error messages is crucial for troubleshooting. Users often encounter various JavaScript errors, each accompanied by specific error messages. Analyzing these messages aids in identifying and resolving issues.

JavaScript Error Handling

Proper error handling is essential in JavaScript development. Implementing effective error-handling practices ensures that applications can gracefully manage errors, preventing disruptions in functionality.

JavaScript Error Types

JavaScript errors come in different types, including syntax errors, runtime errors, and logic errors. Understanding these types is fundamental for developers in diagnosing and resolving issues in their code.

JavaScript Error Class

In JavaScript, errors are represented as objects of the Error class. Developers can create custom error classes to handle specific types of errors and streamline the debugging process.

JavaScript Error Object Properties

JavaScript error objects contain valuable information about the nature of an error. Examining properties such as name, message, and stack trace helps developers pinpoint the root cause of issues.

Discord.js Download

For developers using Discord.js, a powerful JavaScript library for interacting with the Discord API, proper installation is crucial. The download process ensures that developers can integrate Discord functionality seamlessly into their applications.

Cannot Find the Module ‘discord Desktop Core

Issues related to missing modules can arise during Discord.js development. The error “Cannot find the module ‘discord desktop core” suggests a problem locating a required module, and resolving this is essential for proper functionality.

Cannot Find Module ‘discord js Voice

Similar to the previous issue, the error “Cannot find module ‘discord js voice” indicates a challenge in locating the required voice module during Discord.js development. Addressing this is vital for applications that rely on voice features.

Cannot Find Module ‘discord js Typings Enums

The error “Cannot find module ‘discord js typings enums” points to a missing module related to TypeScript typings for enums in Discord.js. Resolving this error is crucial for developers working with TypeScript and Discord.js.

Discord JavaScript Error No Space Left on the Device

Running into issues related to disk space is common. The Discord JavaScript error “No space left on the device” suggests that the application is unable to function properly due to insufficient disk space.

How to Check the Discord JS Version

For developers working with Discord.js, knowing the library version is essential for compatibility and feature availability. Checking the Discord.js version ensures that developers can leverage the latest enhancements and bug fixes.

npm Install Discord JS Not Working

Encountering issues during the installation of Discord.js using npm can be frustrating. Developers facing problems with “npm install discord js” not working may need to troubleshoot their npm environment or project configuration.

These topics cover a range of issues related to Discord, JavaScript errors, and Discord.js development, providing insights into troubleshooting and resolving common challenges.


In conclusion, this comprehensive guide equips users with the knowledge and practical solutions needed to navigate and overcome Javascript errors in Discord. Understanding the root causes, such as problematic configurations, antivirus interference, and corrupted installation files, is key to efficient troubleshooting. The detailed steps provided in Part 2 offer targeted solutions for terminating processes, clearing data, adjusting privileges, and optimizing services.

Whether encountering fatal errors on Windows 10 and 11 or seeking solutions tailored to Windows 7 users, this guide ensures that users can resume their Discord experience smoothly.

By following these steps, users can address Javascript errors effectively and enjoy uninterrupted communication on Discord.


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