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Norma Gibson: Sensational News of her Divorce


Tyrese Gibson’s former wife, Norma Gibson, is famous. Tyrese has done well in show business. He’s been big in acting and R&B music. You might know him as Roman Pearce in the “Fast and Furious” movies. Tyrese is praised for his great singing and acting talents.

Early Life:

Norma Gibson’s interesting background is worth noting. She is from Britain and was born in London in 1981. Her mother is Israeli, which adds an interesting aspect to her background. Norma’s mixed heritage, with its diverse races, makes her background even more captivating and special.

Net Worth:

I was curious about how Norma Gibson made her money, especially from working in some popular but dangerous movies with her husband.

Norma Gibson’s net worth is around 1 million dollars in 2023. Her ex-husband is very wealthy, with a fortune of USD 22 million. He earns USD 5 million from each movie he performs in. He has various investments, including in the stock market and real estate. He also owns a luxurious house worth 4 million dollars.

Interesting Facts:

  1. Norma enjoys reading the book “The Whole-Brain Child.”
  2. She is fond of activities like yoga, meditation, painting, and writing.
  3. Her favorite model is Jaidyn Alexis, and her favorite singer is Amy Philbin.

Norma Gibson’s Career:

Norma Gibson‘s job isn’t widely known, but being linked with Tyrese Gibson made her well-known. In 2018, an interesting incident caught the public’s attention. Despite a court order for Tyrese to pay child support, Norma Gibson chose not to work.

Norma Gibson's Career

The judge suggested she find a job since their child needed financial support. Unexpectedly, Norma’s lawyers presented documents in court showing that her seven hours spent caring for their baby were busy and fulfilling. Her unique approach to her responsibilities grabbed people’s attention and added more interest to her story.

Norma Gibson’s Personal Life:

In 2007, Tyrese Gibson married Norma Gibson. Tyrese is famous for his acting and music, especially his roles in the “Fast & Furious” movies. Because Tyrese is well-known, their marriage attracted attention. They have a daughter named Shayla Gibson.

Their marriage had a lot of problems, many of which were kept private until they divorced in 2009. In 2015, Norma Gibson spoke about the challenges they faced in getting custody of their daughter and allegations of cruelty during their marriage.

Their difficult divorce was covered in many American newspapers and magazines. They fought a long legal battle for custody of their beloved daughter.

Tyrese Gibson was upset when Shayla’s mother was given temporary custody. This decision was based on evidence that Tyrese had hired a private investigator to secretly watch his ex-wife and daughter.

During her pregnancy with Shayla, Norma Gibson said she suffered serious physical abuse. She talked about a troubling incident where her ex-husband allegedly hit their daughter. Tyrese admitted to one instance of disciplining Shayla but strongly denied the other accusations made by his ex-wife.

What caused their divorce?

There were rumors about the woman cheating on Tyrese when news of their split came out. Some accused Tyrese of lying, but after investigating, it was found that Tyrese was telling the truth and Norma was indeed cheating.

Tyrese confronted her about stealing and using his money. Despite being questioned multiple times, she denied it and said she was too busy enjoying her life. Norma didn’t change her response, which led Tyrese to file for divorce.


Tyrese and Norma Gibson’s divorce in 2014 led to a heated battle for custody of their daughter, Shayla. Their relationship after the divorce has been complicated and focused on their daughter.


The media extensively covered Tyrese and Norma’s custody fight for Shayla, who became caught up in their problems. Their competing claims to care for their child have attracted public attention, with the courts ultimately deciding who gets custody.

Legal proceedings in this case are complicated by emotions and laws. Tyrese Gibson has expressed great dissatisfaction with the 2014 custody arrangement that awarded Norma custody, which he sees as unfair. He was additionally frustrated by Norma Gibson’s alleged disregard for court orders regarding their daughter’s care.

In early January, Norma Gibson left her 11-year-old daughter with a trusted friend in their neighborhood before traveling abroad. Tyrese claims in a new court petition that Norma “handed over” custody of their daughter to her friend to ensure her safety during her international trip.

Where is Norma Gibson now?

Norma Gibson stepped out of the public eye after her custody battle with the “Fast and Furious” star. Tyrese remarried Samantha Lee in 2017.

However, their relationship turned sour after their daughter Soraya Lee Gibson was born, leading to their divorce in December 2020.

Jaleel White, known for his role in “Family Matters,” returns to the spotlight to support both Norma Gibson and Tyrese. He is in a heated custody battle with Bridget Hardy.

Their stories have evolved, leading to shared responsibility. Jaleel White and Bridget Hardy are raising Samaya White together through life’s challenges.


Norma Gibson‘s departure from the public eye following her custody dispute with Tyrese, coupled with Tyrese’s remarriage to Samantha Lee and subsequent divorce after the birth of their daughter, Soraya Lee Gibson, marks a significant shift in their personal lives.

Additionally, the return of Jaleel White, known for his role in “Family Matters,” to the forefront of attention as he navigates a contentious custody battle with Bridget Hardy adds another layer of complexity to the narrative.

Despite the challenges they face, the evolving stories of these individuals underscore the importance of shared responsibility and cooperation, as demonstrated by Jaleel White and Bridget Hardy in raising their daughter, Samaya White, amidst life’s obstacles.


Q: Who is Norma Gibson?

A: Norma Gibson is the former wife of actor and musician Tyrese Gibson. She keeps a low profile and is not a public figure.

Q: When did Norma and Tyrese Gibson get married?

A: Norma and Tyrese Gibson got married in 2007, but they later divorced.

Q: Do Norma and Tyrese Gibson have children?

A: Yes, they have a daughter named Shayla Somer Gibson.

Q: What does Norma Gibson do for a living?

A: Norma Gibson maintains a modest profile and keeps her career and personal life private.

Q: Have Norma and Tyrese Gibson faced any legal issues?

A: Yes, Norma and Tyrese Gibson have had custody battles over their daughter, Shayla.

Q: What is the current status of Norma and Tyrese Gibson’s relationship?

A: As of January 2022, they are co-parenting their daughter after their divorce.

Q: Does Norma Gibson work in the entertainment industry like Tyrese?

A: No, Norma Gibson does not work in entertainment like her ex-husband Tyrese, who is an actor, singer, and author.


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