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Kevin Selleck, known as the adopted son of famous actor Tom Selleck, has made a name for himself as an American actor and musician. Born in 1966, Kevin’s journey from being the son of a well-known actor to establishing his own identity in entertainment is a story of resilience and talent. This article explores Kevin Selleck’s life story, his wealth, and the complexities of being Tom Selleck’s adopted son.

Tom Selleck is a Hollywood star famous for his role as private investigator Thomas Magnum in the hit TV series Magnum, P.I. While he’s wowed audiences with his acting, what many don’t realize is that Tom is also a devoted family man with two children, one of whom is his adopted son, Kevin Selleck.

Kevin Selleck, an American actor and musician, is widely known as Tom Selleck’s adopted son. Even after his parents’ divorce in 1982, he received significant support from his stepfather, Tom Selleck, who helped him secure acting roles that propelled him to fame in the movie industry.

Kevin Selleck’s Worth: About Him and Tom Selleck’s Adopted Son

Kevin Selleck, known as Tom Selleck’s adopted son, has made his way of acting and music in America. Born in 1966, Kevin went from being Tom Selleck’s son to making his mark in showbiz. Here’s a look into Kevin Selleck’s life story, his money, and what it means to be Tom Selleck’s adopted son.

Early Life

Kevin Selleck was born in 1966 to Jacqueline Ray, a former model and actress. His life changed when his mom married Tom Selleck, the famous actor from “Magnum P.I.” In 1987, Tom officially adopted Kevin. Growing up with such a famous stepfather wasn’t easy.

The Selleck Family

The Selleck family is talented and close. Kevin has a stepsister, Hannah Selleck, from Tom’s second marriage. Despite the complexities of blended families, they all stay tight-knit, with Tom being a supportive dad.


Kevin started in music, joining the band Tonic. He later tried acting, though not as extensively as his father. His acting gigs include TV shows and movie soundtracks. Unlike his dad, Kevin keeps a low profile in Hollywood.

Net Worth

It’s hard to pin down Kevin’s net worth since he keeps his career and finances private. Tom Selleck is worth around $45 million, but Kevin’s worth remains unclear. Speculations suggest it’s much less, but without solid data, it’s anyone’s guess.

Personal Challenges Kevin has faced personal struggles, including addiction, with the help of his family. These challenges have shaped him but haven’t defined him.

Today As of 2023, Kevin lives a private life. He’s married to Annabelle Selleck, and they have six kids. Kevin keeps his current interests private, away from the public eye.

How old is Kevin Selleck?

Kevin Selleck is 57 years old. He was born in the USA on June 7, 1966. He went to Grant High School and played volleyball at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. He was good at sports!

Facing Challenges and Finding Strength

When Kevin was younger, he had some tough times. He made some bad choices and struggled with addiction. But Tom Selleck, whom Kevin sees as a hero, supported him. Tom helped Kevin through his tough times and even gave him money when he needed it.

Tom: A Mentor and a Father Figure

Tom might not be Kevin’s real dad, but he acted like one. Kevin admired Tom and tried to be like him. They both loved volleyball, and Tom cheered for Kevin at his games. Tom’s encouragement also helped Kevin in his acting career.

Kevin’s Journey as a Musician and Actor

Kevin started his music career with a band called Tonic. He played the drums and even released an album in 1996. Later, he tried acting. He appeared in his dad’s show “Magnum P.I.” and worked on a movie’s soundtrack. But sadly, his acting career didn’t last long because of his struggles.

Love and Family Life

Kevin fell in love with Annabelle Selleck, who is a costume designer and owns a pet food company. They got married on August 7, 1987, in a private ceremony. They like to keep their lives private, but we know they have six kids together.

Kevin Selleck’s Height and Weight

Kevin Selleck is 6 feet 3 inches tall, which is about 190 centimeters or 1.90 meters. He weighs 63 kilograms. His appearance includes medium skin tone, brown hair, and black eyes. He also sports a light beard and a small nose, adding to his handsome looks.

Kevin Selleck’s Wife

Kevin is married to Annabelle Selleck. They tied the knot on August 7, 1987. They prefer to keep their marriage private, sharing it only with close relatives and friends. Kevin and Annabelle are said to have six children, but they strive to maintain privacy regarding their personal lives. Presently, Kevin has transformed into a better person, being a devoted and responsible husband and father to his family.

Facts About Kevin Selleck

  1. Kevin is known as the stepson of American actor and producer, Tom Selleck.
  2. He was formally adopted by his stepfather on August 7, 1987.
  3. He has a stepsister named Hannah Margaret Selleck, who has supported him into adulthood.
  4. His mother, Jacqueline Ray, is a former artist and top model in the United States.
  5. In 1993, he began his career by forming a rock band called ‘Tonic’ and served as its drummer.
  6. He disagreed with a band member, leading to his departure in 1997.
  7. Despite attempting to start a new band, he was unsuccessful.
  8. He contributed to the soundtracks of two films he appeared in, boosting his recognition: Magnum P. I (1980) and Scream 2 (1997).

Kevin Selleck’s Story

Kevin Selleck is an American actor and musician. He was born on August 9, 1966, in the United States. Kevin is the son of the famous actor and musician Tom Selleck and his first wife, Jacqueline Ray. However, he isn’t as famous as his dad and has had a quieter career.

Kevin has been in a few TV shows and movies. Some of the shows he’s been in include the well-known series “Magnum, P.I.” (1980) and the movie “Scream 2” (1997).

Kevin Selleck's Story

Aside from acting, Kevin is also a musician and was part of the band “Tonic,” which did well in the late 1990s.

Kevin’s life hasn’t been easy. He’s faced many challenges while growing up and in his career. When he was 22, he struggled with alcoholism and went to a rehab center in Betty Ford.

Kevin Selleck in Movies

Kevin Selleck is best known for his roles in the movies “Scream 2” (1997) and “Magnum, P.I.” (1980). In “Magnum, P.I.,” Kevin plays a character named Magnum, who comes back from Vietnam thinking his wife, Michelle, died during the evacuation of Saigon in 1975. But it turns out, her death was faked, and she’s still alive. Magnum tries to win her back, but she’s married to someone else.

In “Scream 2,” Kevin appeared on the big screen once more. He also wrote the theme song for the movie, showing off his musical talent. “Scream 2” follows Sidney, who survived the events of the first film and is now in college. During a preview screening of a movie based on the first “Scream,” two students are killed by a masked killer. This starts another round of murders, with Sidney and her friends as targets.

As the movie unfolds, more people die, and Sidney becomes the main target. The story dives into the mystery of the killer’s identity and their reasons, with many suspects emerging throughout the film. The characters deal with twists and turns, making the movie suspenseful and mysterious.

Tom Selleck Tom Selleck, born on January 29, 1945, in Detroit, Michigan, USA, is an American actor, producer, and musician. He has enjoyed a successful and long-lasting career in show business.

Growing up in California, Selleck attended the University of Southern California on a basketball scholarship and graduated in 1967 with a degree in Business Administration.

Acting Career of Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck became widely known for his role as private investigator Thomas Magnum in the TV series “Magnum, P.I.” (1980-1988). This part earned him both an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award.

During this time, he became famous and was considered a symbol of attractiveness. Some of his other notable TV roles include “The Closer” (1998-2001), “Las Vegas” (2007-2008), and currently, “Blue Bloods” (2010-present), where he plays Frank Reagan, the police commissioner of New York City.

In addition to television, Selleck has appeared in various movies throughout his career. Some notable films he starred in are “Three Men and a Baby” (1987) and its sequel, “Quigley Down Under” (1990), “Mr. Baseball” (1992), and “In & Out” (1997).

Besides acting, Tom Selleck has pursued other interests. He has released music albums like “Tom Selleck: Sings ‘Stay with Me, Baby'” (1992) and “Once Upon a Christmas” (2003), showcasing his singing abilities. Selleck has also produced and appeared in numerous made-for-television movies.

In 1987, Tom Selleck married Jillie Mack, and they have a daughter named Hannah Margaret Selleck.

Tom Selleck remains a respected and cherished figure in the entertainment industry, admired for his charm, distinctive mustache, and powerful presence on screen.

Kelvin Selleck’s Step-Sister

Hannah Margaret Selleck is Kelvin Selleck’s step-sister. Their parents’ love story began when Hannah’s dad saw her mom perform in the musical ‘Cats.’ This magical moment led to their marriage, and Hannah was born within a year.

In her early years, Hannah enjoyed horse riding, dancing, and ice skating. These hobbies made her childhood vibrant and lively, continuing into her adulthood. She’s a top-notch equestrian, winning many prestigious awards and honors in the equestrian world.

One of her significant accomplishments was winning the Silver Team Medal at the Prix de States in 2005, showcasing her remarkable skills and commitment to the sport. In 2006, at just 16 years old, Hannah won the Equitation Championship at Capitol Challenge, solidifying her reputation as a rising star in equestrian sports.


Kevin Selleck used to be well-known in the entertainment world. He had skills in acting and music, showing a bright future. However, despite his early fame, Selleck seems to have disappeared from the public eye lately, leaving people curious about his whereabouts and activities. Despite being a stepchild, Kevin Selleck still received love and support, especially from his stepfather who backed his career in acting and music. His stepfather continued to care for his financial well-being even now.


Who is Kevin Selleck?

Kevin Selleck is an American actor and musician born in 1966. He’s well known as the adopted son of actor Tom Selleck and the son of actress Jacqueline Ray.

What is Kevin Selleck known for?

Kevin Selleck is known for his connection with the rock band Tonic and for being Tom Selleck’s adopted son. He’s had a few acting roles but mostly stays away from the public eye.

What is Kevin Selleck’s net worth?

It’s hard to figure out Kevin Selleck’s net worth because he keeps his life private and there’s not a lot of information available. So, any numbers you hear about his net worth are just guesses.

Did Kevin Selleck face any personal challenges?

Yes, Kevin Selleck has had some personal struggles, like dealing with addiction. But he’s worked through them with the help of his family, especially his adoptive dad, Tom Selleck.

Is Kevin Selleck married?

Yes, Kevin Selleck is married to Annabelle Selleck. They like to keep their personal life private, so they don’t share a lot of details about their marriage and family.


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